CEO Views | Business and academia - the perfect partners to achieve SDGs

July 27, 2021 | Featured on Medium

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CAMBRIDGE, Tuesday 27 July 2021 — A few weeks ago founder and CEO Dr Mark Kotter was part of a fringe event at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum, on the importance of industry and academia collaborations to achieve sustainable development goals. ran a breakout session on how this applies to the company. 

He summarised the main points of the discussion in a new post on his Medium blog - and covers how's business purpose, "coding cells for health" is 100% aligned, specifically with sustainable development goal 3 - "Good Health and Well-being". 

“Our academic partners, world experts in their areas, are dedicating their career to improving the lives of the patients that are affected. Teaming up makes total sense: we have the cells, they have unique knowledge and experience, together that’s an powerful combination. If we work in partnership we have a much better chance of getting transformational therapies to every patient, everywhere.”
Mark Kotter

Founder and CEO, Medium 2021


Read Mark’s full blog here.