The third generation of medicine is intelligent

We are entering the new era of regenerative medicine, an era in which our repertoire of molecular drugs will be expanded to living medicines.

Every cell, every patient

The revolutionary impact of cell therapies has already become apparent: engineered CAR-T-cells are able to cure blood cancers that used to be untreatable. The application of one single cell type gave rise to the first wave of cell therapy companies. This is the beginning of a new industry that will harness the regenerative power of many more cells in the human body.

Every single cell type has the potential to give rise to multiple next generation therapies, and possibly entire industries. 

Bottlenecks remain

At the moment cell therapies rely on sourcing from donors or patients. There is still a need for a reliable, consistent, affordable supply of cells that are highly defined and precisely match the needs of the patient and the disease.

Manufacturing cells at scale, with consistency, and precision is challenging; as a consequence, today’s treatments are bespoke and costly. To solve these hurdles and to make cell therapies accessible for all patients, a revolution in how cells are manufactured is needed. 

Solving this bottleneck - our cell identity coding platform

To unlock this new generation of therapies, has developed its cell identity coding platform. One of the core parts of that platform is our precision cellular reprogramming technology opti-ox which enables us to manufacture human cells at scale, with unmatched precision and consistency. 

This is based on a unique approach to biology and with the foundational IP and capabilities to precisely reprogram human cells, is poised to become a cornerstone in the upcoming regenerative medicine revolution. With just one cell type we are seeing a revolution in cancer care. is working to generalise this approach across the whole human cell type spectrum. 

The possibilities for novel cures for patients are endless. And we are just getting started, building out our therapeutic approach, strategy, pipeline and partnerships. 

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