Scalable human skeletal myocytes by opti-ox reprogramming of iPSCs for the study of muscle, neuromuscular junction and metabolic disorders.

Bernard et al


ioSkeletal Myocytes poster

In this poster we have highlighted the development and characterisation of our ioSkeletal Myocytes and how they have been applied within metabolic research, muscle contractility studies and phenotypic high-throughput screening. 

The scalability and robustness of our opti-oxTM reprogramming and ease of use of the ready to culture ioSkeletal Myocytes provide a unique hiPSC based model for research of muscle biology, including disease modelling and high throughput applications.


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  • Our novel cellular reprogramming technology expedites the differentiation of hiPSCs to skeletal myocytes.
  • Within days, the ioSkeletal Myocytes mature into striated, multinucleated myocytes that contract in response to electrical stimulation.
  • Our ioSkeletal Myoctyes are highly suitable for phenotypic based high-throughput screening.

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