A consistent GABAergic neuron model by optimised reprogramming of human iPSCs

Oosterveen et al


ioGABAergic neuron poster

This poster showcases the initial insights into our new product in development, ioGABAergic Neurons! 


Here we demonstrate how our highly consistent and synchronised opti-oxTM cellular reprogramming technology enables the production of highly pure GABAergic neurons. Characterisation of the ioGABAergic Neuron population revealed that these neurons exhibit mature properties within one week of induction, are highly-defined and closely match with the VIP subtype of GABAergic neurons. This research shows that our ioGABAergic neurons provide a physiologically relevant, functional model for research into a wide variety of neurological diseases, including schizophrenia, autism and Alzheimer’s disease. 


Download this poster to discover how we have used our proprietary gene-expression technology, opti-oxTM, to tightly control the expression of transcription factors to generate a pure population of GABAergic neurons within 14 days.

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