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June 8, 2022

Stansted | UK

Proventa Drug Discovery



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8 June | 2022


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Meet Kam Dhaliwal, Senior VP Business Development & Alliance Management at this event!


Proventa provides an environment for pharma and biotechs to make those important connections through interactive roundtable discussions, exclusive networking and keynote panel debates. Join us in along with a host of drug discovery professionals from across Europe, to discover:

  • Target ID & Validation
  • Structural Biology
  • In Vivo & In Vitro Pharmacology
  • DPMK, ADME & Toxicology
  • In Silico Biology & Biophysics
  • External Innovation & Partnering

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Meet Kam Dhaliwal, Senior VP Business Development & Alliance Management to discuss how offers partnering opportunities that affords access to the most relevant parental human cell types and corresponding disease models. These models are physiologically relevant, phenotypically characterised, offering predictive, in vitro, human cells for drug screening, toxicity testing, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering applications.

Despite cell culture models being used for over 120 years to study human health and disease issues such as accuracy and reproducibility present significant hurdles for in vitro testing. Join our round table at 11:10am-12:10pm 'Addressing the current challenges of in vitro cell models and their translation into the clinic’. The roundtable discussion will focus on the main challenges associated with in vitro human cell models as a platform for disease modelling and drug discovery, addressing issues such as:

  • Benefits and problems of using human iPSC-derived cells
  • The importance of consistent, scalable manufacturing process for iPSC-derived cells
  • How next generation approaches such as precision cellular reprogramming, can accelerate in vitro drug discovery and translation into the clinic

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